1. I did alot of walking yesterday.  From home to church, from church to Stelmos, from Stelmos to Ali’s, (ride home) from home to a store to another store then back home again.15,000 steps!
  2. I was intending to hide from Nora from the coffee shop, because I haven’t made any new coffee sleeves, but I was discovered, in fact she asked Ali where I was, so I reported to her, and she said people were asking for them.  I had bought some new fabric for spring a while ago, but just hadn’t done it, but sat down this afternoon and turned them out.  I bought flannel, but I am not sure I like it.  The colors don’t hold as crisp as cotton, and there was a little pilling that I had to scrape off.  I’ll pick up some cotton next week and try that.  Hopefully I can find some fun big prints like I did in the flannel.
  3. Today, more acolyte training.  Chaotic again, a little too noisy with two groups training, note to self, split groups into separate days in the future.  Still fun.
  4. Bought some nice cotton fabric at the store today.  Some had little coffee cups on them, the others weird polka dots and flowers.  My tastes are very different than what they were in my quilting phase.  Then it was blues with small flowers, now it is oranges, pinks and brown with abstract patterns or big flowers.
  5. Day three( holy cow, three days of sticking to something) of the core plan and things have gone really well.  It is a completely different mindset to think about eating certain things, not certain points.  I’ve had a lot more variety of foods, and have felt much better, physically and mentally.  The old pangs are still there of course, I think they always will be: wanting to eat when stressed, or sad, craving sugar, etc.  It would be a pleasant surprise if this works, and then the real challenge would be to keep it up another week. 
  6. Speaking of food NOT on my list, I need to have a scone practice run next weekend.  Or maybe a weeknight.  I am in charge of the scones for the Altar Guild tea, and will need to produce 200 the first weekend in May.  I want to try a recipe from the woman who has made them before.  There may be a random call for tasting sometime in the next two weeks.  Plan your lives accordingly.
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