1. So that kid got the job.  Are you kidding me?  This explains alot about customer service in our society.  Oh, and he still hasn’t turned in his project.
  2. I am very happy that my neighbor has sold his house, but a little dissappointed that he seems to have forgotten that he promised he would take out or fix the fan in his place that creates an annoying humming noise up here.  Now I can torture myself with the idea of asking the new person to do something about it.  I’m already planning on being a very welcoming neighbor, but if I show up with a plate of cookies and a request to do something about the fan, I don’t think that looks very nice.  It just looks like I am bringing the cookies to get some action on the fan, when we all know that I am bringing the cookies so they won’t hate Paul and I because of the squeaky floorboards when we walk. (The last neighbors were extremely sensitive about any kind of noise, and I was always paranoid about that, event though none of the past residents have ever said a thing. And really they didn’t either, but there were enough other noises, real and imagined, that they mentioned, that I became paranoid about everything.) I guess I should just resolve that the fan is exchange for the floorboards, and when this guy moves, try again.  Argh!  I thought I had the perfect plan.  He (former neighbor) even offered to pay me for the things they were asking me to do in the selling, and I said, oh no, don’t worry about it, just take out the fan, and he was fine with that.  I think he just forgot, and I asked again once, and it didn’t happen, and he is lovely and I am just going to drop it.
  3. Speaking of cookies, I am making gingersnaps tonight to offer tomorrow at the International Dinner sponsored by the english as a second language group at our school.  I consulted with them about the event, offering some chili bowl type ideas, and said I would take a table.  So Aunt Zelt’s gingersnaps will take the world stage next to the papusas and njera, etc.  Oklahoma is international!  I hope they have a good turn-out, it is a fundraiser for their New York Trip.
  4. In further cooking news I am going to test out the scone recipe for the Altar Guild Tea this Friday.  Anyone within the sound of my blog can come to my house between 6 and 8 to have a scone!  AC and RC are especially invited, seeing as how they are the Maginot line of tea treats.
  5. This of course means people that know me.  If you are some crazy blog stalker and have not been properly introduced, I am not sure that would be appropriate.
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