1. The International dinner tonight was great.  The kids really outdid themselves with the food and some other teachers were also contributors, and came to the events as well.  Even D,C, and A came!  We agreed it was the best $10 meal deal in town.
  2. After a day of 8th graders outdoing themselves to be mean to one another, it was really nice to see kids working together and being nice.  The principal said this was us at our best.  Very true.  I wish we could be at our best more often.
  3. Came home and tidied up for Sconefest 2008.
  4. Tomorrow’s Ancent Civ class is going to be the Spartan workout/Athenian study.  I am going to set up stations outside where there is information about the difference between Athens and Sparta on various points, and a summary of the Peloponnesian War.  They will alternate between reading and discussing (Athens), or reading and doing push-ups! (Sparta)  Good times!
  5. Tomorrow they learn in hell!”
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