1. This has been a really good day.  The Spartan workout was a moderate success.  It was nice to get outside.  For each station they had a reading and then for the Athenian stations something to sit and ponder or discuss and for the Spartan stations, push-ups or sit-ups.  The kids actually said I should have made them do more, like run from station to station.  Maybe next year it will be a race, or relay. 
  2. The other good thing about today was my lecture on apartheid.  I was able to reference a protest the kids were having, segregation in Arlington, colonialsm, and the power of forgiveness.  I was ON baby! 
  3. I’ve felt a return to that general feeling of happiness that doesn’t go with a particular event, but simply is.  I was definitely in a malaise there for a while.
  4. Kevin is a funny cat.  And funny weird, not funny ha-ha.  Paul is away for a few days, and Kevin, instead of his usual downstairs hanging out was up on the bed most of the evening.  He never does that.  Does he so much like Paul’s company that he can’t stand the living room without him?  Weird.
  5. SconeFest tonight!  Hooray!  I’m about to leave school and pick up the ingredients.  I’m really glad I cleaned up last night.
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