1. I’m updating Commander Dave’s computer for tomorrow’s pick-up.  This is a customer at the shop who is reluctantly entering the computer age.  Like, we will be starting with the “how to use a mouse” tutorial.  When I ordered my new computer, I ordered one for him too, which Paul had encouraged him to do.  It should be fun.  He wants google earth, which I showed him at the shop one day.  He travels alot, so I think he will really enjoy looking at all the places he has been and those places he still wants to go.  Minor problem is that I set up and email for him, and now I am having trouble remembering the user name, and (of course) can’t find the little paper on which I wrote it.
  2. SconeFest was good.  I recomend everyone have the church tea mafia over once in a while.  They talk sandwiches and fix each other with steely eyes if high maintence sandwiches are suggested.  A real treat was when two of my students stopped by!  THey are very sweet girls, and I had told them about the festivities, so since one lives in the neighborhood they came.  It was really great.  It made me feel like maybe they don’t all think I am a wierdo.  Of course, I was having a thing called Sconefest, so the weirdo label could be even more appropriate now.
  3. This is teacher music week, so we get to choose the songs for the morning announcements.
  4. I feel like I might be losing control of my calendar again.  Seems like there is alot to do this week, and I also have to make all those scones.
  5. Oh, and I am supposed to be the MC for some coffee house//cabaret thing at school Friday and Saturday night.  Damn my showman’s ego.  See, I’ve been thinking I was baking Friday, but that is clearly not right.  I’d better get this sorted out.  I keep saying I am going to come home and do it, and then I get distracted by other things.  And of course, I need to clean my desk at school.  As always.
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