1. I practiced today with the chorus kids for the cabaret this weekend.  I’ll be in the opening number and announce the acts.  I think there are other teachers singing.  I wish I had a number, vanity of vanities.
  2. I took a Blackboard class today. Blackboard is program that helps you post assignments and do all sorts of groovy stuff.  There is a neat feature that helps you find links for your subjects and for Sociology and geography I found a site where you can see the census stats for any zip code, and even compare zip codes.
  3. I was ready to carry on with the discernment committee tonight, but it had to be canceled.  Boo!
  4. Violet keeps trying to shoehorn in on my lap here.
  5. Dinner with Commander Dave last night was fun, and even though I think the computer was a little overwhelming for him, I have high hopes for him.  The nicest thing was, totally unrelated to the computer, that he saw how I framed the picture of his dad’s that he had given us on a previous visit.  He seemed really pleased by it. (His Dad and grandmother were both artists and he has boxes of beautiful drawings and pastels by his dad.)
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