1. How can it be May?  Already?  I mean I am really looking forward to the summer, but I have a gajillion or so more facts to cover before the end of school.
  2. Finally, I’ve reached my 10% weight loss.  I got my keychain at the meeting tonight, and several people there said I was inspiring, because it took me an entire year to do it, and I didn’t give up.  Oh yes I did.  Several ham croissant filled mornings.  I just kept going to meetings.  But that is true though, when I didn’t do anything else right, most of the time I still went to the meetings.  It does feel good, and I have my dorky little key chain to cling to, but I hope I can do the next 25 in something less than a year.
  3. I’m not quite clear on how it is going to happen, but in the next 48 hours I am going to mc the cabaret show twice, get my hair cut, grade 72 notebooks, finish 10 coffee sleeves and bake 200 scones.  What?
  4. The Scary Workout challenge is in 12 days!  Ahhhh!
  5. I have a shockingly large ego I am ashamed to say, and a need for constant reinforcement that I am clever, and this feels and is very wrong, but it still is that way. Recently I have seen two events, a student celebration at my old school and a prom dress giveaway that I helped start still happening, and I want to say hey I thought of those, but of course, that is not cool, and besides just starting things is one thing, but keeping them going is another, but in the “privacy” of my  blog I can say hey, I thought of those.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    and you are a ROCK STAR in our books. (and i don’t think it’s wrong to sometimes want a little credit for the good ideas that persist. it’s not like you’re asking them to put your NAME on the event…The Annual ER Promdress GiveAway…or anything like that.)

  2. RomeLover says:

    but i don’t know how you’re fit all that in–even rock stars run out of time. holler if you need some help (except with the grading).

  3. Anne says:

    As someone who humbly notes that they thought of an event that is still going on, I am all about the little small voice inside that says “hee, hee, I thought of this!” Nothing wrong with it at all, as long as you’re not telling everyone that it’s “your” event. It’s fun to know that something you created is ongoing. Enjoy it!

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