1. Well, I got my hair cut, baked the scones, made the coffee sleeves and did the MC gig.  I did not get the papers graded.  That is too bad.  Tomorrow is not going to be fun, but the rest of the weekend was.
  2. I was also the MC for this afternoon’s “It’s Liturgical” game show with the kids at church.  It is the culmination of our 3 weeks of training, and it was lots of fun.
  3. Every night I finally got home I sat down with Paul to watch TV, or Battlestar on the computer, and instantly fell asleep.  I think I might try and catch up on those episodes now, because I have zero I dea what is happening.  It’s all a blur.  I wake up and see one thing, and then bam, right back asleep.
  4. Some of the kids at school told me I was really funny (funny ha-ha in the MC gig, not funny wierd, that would be me in the classroom) and that was so flattering, because the ones who are in the plays are kind of like rock stars to me, so I am all in high school again and excited to be noticed.
  5. The weather is really beautiful today.
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