1. Well, I finished the lesson, which is great, but the Internet was off all day at school, so I couldn’t download the form into which I need to type everything.  I felt fairly lame letting the department supervisor know that the dog ate my homework.
  2. Went by my old school to see the student celebration night, where all the programs do their dog and pony show (literally in the case of the animal science class). Pluses were the kids doing there things including the son of a friend who was there and greeted me with enthusiasm and showed me his work.  Negatives were not all programs being there, (that was always a problem, people don’t like that extra night) and knowing that the powers that be just aren’t being respectful of the work these teachers and students do, and just bulling through with new ideas for the place not getting the buy in and considerable talent and energy that the staff can bring when they feel invested.  Which they used too.  In the old days.  Makes me sad and mad to see good people feel disrespected and unhappy.
  3. Very amusing to talk about religion yesterday and have the kids look up quickly when I said, “Religions have lots of sects”  which they heard as “sex.”  One class really got the giggles and I played along like I didn’t know what they were laughing at and then like I figured it out and I would tell them they were filthy and should get their minds out of the gutter.  Then I would purposely say something like “even the Pope worries about sects” and they would get started all over again.
  4. Doing the cabaret this past weekend really reminded me that it is good to be silly and make dumb jokes, so I have been trying to loosen up some.  When the parents would say, “oh you are so funny, I wish I had had you in school” I realized that I have become far too serious and grumpy, and that the kids don’t get much of the fun side of me at all, so I’d like to be more like the entertaining (but of course fact based) person than the dour grumpy person.  Of course, I still dish out the pain when they do dumb stuff, but I am trying to have more fun in the rest of the time.
  5. Six short days until the scary workout challenge.  I don’t know that we will beat the other schools, but I think we will all improve.  A group of us has been doing push-ups and sit-ups 3 or 4 times a week in the morning.  It is pretty funny.  We meet in my classroom, and after we are done sometimes we lie there on our mats chit chatting.  If a kid walked in they would think we were crazy.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    oh, man, you could have so much fun with the sex part of the religious sects too. i’m just sayin’….

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