1. T-10 minutes to leave for the airport.
  2. Report of the scary workout challenge:  12 weeks ago it took me 43 minutes and 56 seconds to complete 400 jump ropes, 100 each sit-ups, push-ups, seated rows, and squats.  This time…34:29!  Woo!  (I must sayu though, that there is a blurry part in the middle, where I am questioning my jump rope count, but my improvement is comparable to the rest of the group and they did everything, so woo!
  3. So busy yesterday, I had to go in this AM and do my sub plans.  I’m crazed.  So instead of leaving for the airport on Ali time (2 hours ahead) I am moving towards AB time (1 hour ahead.) 
  4. Stuck in the packing.  Do I skip my fancy face creams (not in 3 oz containers) and carry on, or pack them and check.
  5. Also, what if they don’t let me take my knitting needles.  They do have a clay dog on the end, and therefore, look threatening.  I guess I should be prepared to cast off my scarf onto a string real quick and hand the needles to a kiosk clerk and tell her I’ll be back for them Saturday. 
  6. T-3!  Oops.
  7. Hooray I am on vacation!
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3 Responses to

  1. Pisco Sours says:

    Congrats on the scary challenge! I should take that up myself. What weights did you use on the rows and squats?

  2. Way to go, El! You kick ass! Congrats on the Scary Challenge! Have fun while you’re away. Peace.

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