1. It was really fun seeing Chris “do his thing” at Ft. Benning.  He gave a speech to the parents of the graduating soldiers that was really well done.  He talked about history, about the training and really made the people there feel good about what their soldiers were doing.  We also saw him in the “Turning Blue” ceremony, the Graduation and a Change of Command for one of his company commanders.  I was really proud of him and happy see him doing what he is good at. 
  2. Though it was all full of good Army tradition and pride, it is sobering to think that that some of these boys (and most of them are just boys) are going to be in harms way soon. 
  3. I love a parade, an army parade, because it has been being done the same way for 200 years, longer in some cases.   They troop the line to observe the troops loyalty, as did Charles II, back in Ye olden tymes, and I remember Daddy saying “Pass in review” just like Chris did.
  4. At the graduation they had two squads come on to the field, with smoke grenades and a M1 Abrams tank and a Bradley Fighting vehicle, they showed all the weaponry and there was much applause but the best part was at the end when they fell back to the vehicles and piled in like some crazy clown car.
  5. Chris showed us this recruiting video, which Melissa described as “Band of Brothers meets Dances with Wolves.”  Army Strong
  6. Then Melissa showed us this one, which in no small way represents Chris most of the time he is not at work: Army Sleepy
  7. And both of those videos are why I love the Army.
  8. I’m back on the crafting train, and have, on my own, come up with this Recycled Sweater Shopping bag, though of course, if you go looking, a billion people already figured that one out!  That’s OK!  I had a creative moment, AND I look like a freaky weirdo when I carry it, so it is all good.
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