1. The prom was fun.  Not fancy, just people talking and dancing.  Fun seeing the kids dressed up, or in some cases in strange outfits that they got from Goodwill (a tradition that dates back to the early days of the school.  (Un-prom in the beginning)
  2. I like simplicity and ease, not fanciness in celebration.
  3. The end of school is so near, yet so far.
  4. We had a tragedy in our class.  The mother of one of the girls died.  That was the crisis of last week.  She had cancer, and had a sudden heart attack.  I went to the calling hours today.  It is just heartbreaking.  Some of the kids and teachers will be out tomorrow for the funeral and we are delaying the last day of testing.  I bought some wildflower seeds, thinking that I could take the kids I do have outside and we could plant them, just to do something different.
  5. I felt I failed the kids when I told them.  They knew by then, but then I has this class of silent students just looking at me, waiting…for what?  For me to do something?  I said the appropriate things, but I had no idea of what to do with them for the rest of the time.  They didn’t want to talk, I think they were in shock.  I just couldn’t go over stupid practice test questions, so I talked a little more about what would happen next, and then I let them go.  I felt like a failure, but in retrospect, there was no possible right thing to do at that moment.  It was just an awful moment, and it had to be awful.  No avoiding it.
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