1. Guacamole is a core food.  Hell Yeah!
  2. Domino’s is now making pizza with a whole wheat crust.  This, tragically, is not a core food.
  3. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but last night I ended up at a direct marketing presentation for both a product and a “Business Opportunity.”  I love the guy who did it, but it is really a mystery as to how I got there.  I think I was in the room when he was talking to someone else, and then all of the sudden he was saying “so Monday night is good for you?”  Uh, uh, what?  I didn’t buy, and politely declined the opportunity to join the club of future millionaires.
  4. Have I mentioned school needs to be over?  Now.  I love my job, but I am about done for this year.  12 days to go!
  5. Our friend at the coffee shop, the older gentleman who had never used a computer is really enjoying google earth.  He showed me yesterday how he could look at the aircraft carriers he used to be on.  Very cool.  His mousing skills are coming along.
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