1. I watched a very interesting documentary this afternoon about the integration of our school in ye olden tymes.  It was the first school in the state to do so, and so this of course is a notable event.  Next year in the 50th anniversary, and there is a planning meeting tomorrow about how to commemorate it.  I have some ideas, but of course, there is my terrible follow through with which to contend, but it is a really neat project, so maybe I can hope for my best self to arrive.
  2. I need that best self this week and for several end of year projects.  Only two weeks to go.  I need to gut it out.  Go in early, stay late and get the jobs done!
  3. Suddenly I feel tired.
  4. Lunch with AB and Ali, dinner with my mom and dad.  A nice quiet birthday.
  5. I turned into a spaz a the church picnic, fretting over things that were not mine to fret over, (even though people were asking me about them) and I finally solved the problem by just leaving, but I wish I could do a better job of thinking before I speak about whether something is really a big deal or not.
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