1. Picked up the sock I had been knitting months ago.  Only a half inch long.  Raggedy.  Went to it again at vestry tonight.  More rows, but still rough looking.  Knit stitches appear when I except to be purling and vice versa.  I will persevere instead of ripping back, as this is my first sock, and mistakes in sock one will perhaps inform the process for sock two, should I ever get that far.
  2. Vestry tonight, school play tomorrow.
  3. So much going on that I have written the next few days out minute by minute, as I used to do in college when things were getting hectic. When I get up, when I am in the car, what project to work on when, etc.
  4. Today the kids had a bake sale and it was quite successful, they thought because they raised money for a yet to be determined charity, I because even the kids who were feuding with one another worked side by side. 
  5. At one point I went from outside the gym, where the bake sale was happening, to inside the gym where there was a massive dodge ball game going on.  At least 40 kids participating; all boys, in a mad race back and forth across the gym.  Very exciting, and exciting to see most of our boys playing, even the ones who are not normally joiners.  I know dodge ball has fallen from favor in some places, but I have to say, this was a pretty awesome game!  The PE teacher would jump in from time to time to play too.
  6. The kids have been great about doing their work without complaint.  There is always a contingent that thinks that once the tests are done that the work should be over.  To this I usually respond: “Do you see me here?  Because if you see me here, we are working.  Now, if you see me at the local coffee shop reading the paper, feel free to take the day off.”  But once we started going on this last unit, the got to it.  The mapping units are a rhythm they know and allow them independence and action within the room, so I think it is a good way to end.  Last year I did a big final project, and it was like to kill us all.
  7. Today was a good day.
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