1. How can it possibly be the last Friday?  I was shocked in a way I have never felt today to realize that this time next week I won’t have to go to work for two months.  It seemed sad in a way.
  2. It was a very busy day, but I got all the pictures, gave all the tests, wrote my sub plans and helped make up the dance for the teacher play and taught it to the staff.
  3. At some point during the dance rehearsal I wrenched my neck and it was really sore for some time.  I also had this weird flashing sort of bright spot wherever I looked for about 30 minutes.  It was extremely weird.  The hazards of the theater I guess.  It was also a really stressful day having to chase down (or chosing to rather, I didn’t have to do that, but I am weak) students who hadn’t turned things in,and telling someone will fail unless they pull some papers out of their behind.  So that kind of thing could cause some neck tension.
  4. Our school building is also home to a program for seriously disabled students.  I stepped into the auditorium today to watch a little of their graduation.  They had three students graduating.  They are 22 I think and will go on to other programs to help them.  I think they age out of this program at 22.  It always makes me cry.  These guys work so hard, and they have really lovely and dedicated teachers and aides.  I love that they have the same setup as the regular high school graduations.  The Superintendent and other officials are there in their academic robes, and they march in to the old pomp and circumstance. It is very simple and good and important.
  5. This is the new hot link on Cute overload.  A lion and her McCubersons.  So far all I have seen is that mom lion around! Get it?  LION around?!
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