1. Up early (same time as always, but it is still early) to finish packing for my quick trip to Ft. Benning.
  2. I am to meet Jim at the Airport, where he will have arrived before me, and have gotten a rental car.  I have the growing suspicion that he and I are coming into different airports, me into Atlanta him into Columbus, since the time he cited for his return seems to close to the event itself to enable him to get there in time if he has to fit in a two hour drive back to Atlanta. I’ll call after church to confirm.  I really hope it is Atlanta, otherwise I will have to take the shuttle, which is not bad, but adds even more time to the journey and the company will be better with Jim.
  3. I am going to Ft. Benning to see Chris’s Change of Command.  I am really looking forward to hearing him speak, and to hear his commander, who I am sure, will say nice things about him.  It will be sad that this two years is over, but such is the army circle of life.  Two years ago we sat on the left side of the reviewing stand and watched him take command, not we will sit on the right and watch him give it up, while another proud family sits on the left and waits to begin their two years.
  4. Very pleased that Jim is coming.  He and Chris were wee young lieutenants together in the 101st.  Chris brought Jim home for Christmas in 1989? 1990? since Jim’s parent’s lived in Thailand.  On that journey Jim met my best friend from high school, Katherine.  They eventually got married, as did another couple who met on that trip, or one not long after, Bill and Mary Ellen.  Jim is Michael’s godfather too.  It’s all very intriguing and linked over time and long distances as Army friends often are.  Anyway, it is great that he is coming!
  5. Kevin is lying at my feet all snoozy and pleasant.
  6. I am taking the computer on the trip with me to work on the video and script for the 8th grade graduation which have to be done by, oh, let’s see when is that…..TOMORROW!  Argh.  I am not taking any knitting or my ipod or even a book, because any spare minute has to be dedicated to that event.  Which is Tuesday.  Argh again.  At least I can count on an hour and a half on the plane each way.
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