1. The Change of Command was great.  8AM!  I guess when you do things outside in Georgia, that is the way to beat the heat, but there was still one little soldier that passed out.  Chris gave a terrific speech, and even mentioned yours truly (my classic insights on endings and regrets, as written in this blog).  He went on to say far more important things about the troops, and I was really proud.  It is obvious from what his commander said about him that he did a great job there.  Well Done!  Now he can finally get some sleep!
  2. I went early to the airport, because I was able to get a ride with Jim.  I would have got back 3 hours earlier, but the Thunderstorms in Arlington delayed that.  It was very productive, however; I found a great workspace in the airport and got a ton done on the video, and then continued to work on the video while we were waiting on the tarmac.  The whole thing was finally done by 1:20AM! 
  3. 8th grade graduation was great.  A little praise for the kids, a little symbolism, the video, and nice party from the parents – Very good.  Earlier in the day, we had a pool party.   I tried to grade papers at that, but who are we kidding.
  4. Another success was the teacher play this morning.  We actually had a script this year!  It was very well received, and the kids laughed and clapped alot.  The dance went well to, and the great thing is that so many teachers participated – some in the front doing the choreography, others in the “sway Line” in the back.  They were the ones that didn’t want to do the moves, but wanted to be team players.  So I assigned a “Sway Dance Captain” and she coordinated the sway group.  Very fun.  The only bad thing was we went first, and the very weak, of course crude, senior play followed us.  We all agreed that next year, we are going last, because we have a far better product.
  5. Now I am not saying there is a exact link, but as soon as all this was over, and the kids left, the flashing light in my eye came back, and was followed by the worst headache I have ever had.  I thought I was going to throw up pass out and die.  It was so bad, after I struggled though my grades (and I mean struggled, some of those final averages may be pretty suspect.) I called Ali and she came and took me to the emergency room!  I was there for about 4 hours.  They took some blood, scanned my brain (I can report they didn’t find anything! Ba Dump bump) and the doctor said he thinks it was  an ocular migraine.  I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist tomorrow to rule out a retina problem.  Anyway, it was all very exciting.  And painful at times. The headache eased after about two hours.  Kudos to the great staff there at Arlington Hospital.  And my assistant principal came to visit!  That was very nice.  She called our principal as I was being wheeled out for the CT scan, and I told her to tell him that I blame the children for the whole thing!
  6. I’ve been reading online that ocular migraines can be caused by stress and a changed in schedule.  Hmm…
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  1. romelover says:

    i’m glad you’re better. this *&#@*~ is scary.

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