1. I’ve rbeen thinking the last few days, about very sad things, how devastating it must be to lose someone you love, especially early in life.  The sister of a girl at our school died.  She was only 13 and I just can’t imagine how it is even possible to function after something like that.  The teacher next door to me went to the funeral, and told me she hated it when people said “God wanted another angel.”  I agree with her.  I think that is just bad theology.  I mean, I know what people are trying to say, or rather the sentiment or sense of purpose that they are trying to convey, but it is a terrible phrase.  What does it imply for those who are left behind?  That God wants their suffering?  I believe that accidents and sickness happen.  God welcomes everyone who dies, and weeps with those who remain and mourn.  It is really terrifically sad that such a thing happened.  There is no action, no cliche that can make it anything other than tragic for those who must live with the loss.
  2. Today I visited my doctor about the migraines. (The Ophthalmologist ruled out any retina problem on Friday.)  I have the chattiest doctor in the universe.  I’ve learned it is best to take the first appointment of the day, that way you don’t have to sit and wait while she chats with the patients before you.  I mean it is very informative and all, but she do ramble on.  In addition to explaining how the mirgraine is different from a regular headache, I learned about what happened in Tim Russert’s heart attack, how to sleep with a pillow a certain way, the value of a memory foam mattress, and why patients get bedsores.  Among other things.  But she is nice, and so far has not steered me wrong.
  3. I am very glad I have insurance, since the prescription she gave me (along with a lengthy explanation of why they might not cover it and what I should do if they didn’t and by the way the insurance companies should only be staffed by doctors, who know understand the reasons for certain prescriptions and possible alternatives) cost 257 dollars!  They did cover it, thank goodness, and I hope I never have to use it!
  4. Accomplishments: Vacation Day One: Required: Doctor and cleaning my room at school. For Fun: Movie, The Happening.  Bonus:  Sorted through and reloaded all my music on itunes that I needed to reload after the Great Hard Drive Crisis of 2007.
  5. Tomorrow a day trip to the beach.  Hooray!
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  1. Did you like The Happening? I will go see it anyway, regardless of what you say. Sounds like a moral play (of sorts). ???

  2. Anne says:

    Agree with your theological philosophy, though mine is a bit more mundane in saying “sh*t happens.” God just helps you get through it. I have also begun to favor “damn, that sucks” because what else is there to say (other than “I’m so sorry” which always follows)? It just sucks when bad things happen. Coarse, yes but also pretty accurate.

  3. romelover says:

    I’m going with Anne, altho it makes me cringe. We’ve been saying “it sucks outloud” a lot lately. Sometimes, it really does.

  4. Eleanor says:

    I did like the Happening, but it didn’t have as much of a message that I have come to expect from him, tho there is one, it is a pretty common one. I have to say I think my favorite of his is Signs, as far as messages go, and it follows on what ya’ll were saying here. THings just sometime suck, and there isn’t meaning inherent in them, though something can be taken from that later on.

  5. crazytobeme says:

    Oh come on – the message is be nice to the plants, take care of the earth or ELSE!! Oh wait, Al Gore said that too. Topic: Which is scarier Elm trees gone bad or Al Gore? Talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

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