1. I still struggle with eating out.  It is of course always fun to be with friends but the things I think I’ve been looking forward to end up not being as satisfying, I think, because I don’t just eat that, I add other stuff too.  Damn you fruit!  You’ve ruined me for other food.  I think I would have been fine with the hamburger last night, but should have passed on the onion rings.  On the plus side, I am at least not a member of the clean plate club anymore, so some small progress.
  2. Today is painting class!  I’m al little nervous that I don’t know enough about the basics, you know, like how to use a brush, but I’ll try to watch other people and figure it out if there is no specific instruction.  Or I suppose I could ask…
  3. This is the class description: All Levels Students develop a working knowledge of abstract painting and acrylic that challenges them to see and interpret in new ways. Color, line, movement, and form and taught through individual instruction and group discussion. Subjects include landscape, still life, and figure as well as non-representation. Model fees are extra. 
  4. (Later) Class was really fun!  I really enjoyed the painting at first, when I was just trying to fill up the canvas.  She said we should try to paint fast at first, like a little kids, trying not to think about it too much.  It got harder when I began to think about it.  I’m going to try not to think so much next time.  It is very clear that I am not the stand out talent in the class, in fact, I am bringing up the rear, but I am going to try to just have fun, and not worry about being good.  Angry Crafts philosophy: Paint without fear!
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  1. RomeLover says:

    So, I’m impressed you’re doing abstract painting. I wish I would do something like that too. Hope you just let go and slather it on!

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