1. Today, comparison shopping for canvases for class.  I used paper on Friday, but it seems to soak up the paint quickly.  Went to all three of the art/craft stores that I frequent, and found the best price at Pearl.  It will be affordable, but the big question is, what will I do with these nine giant abstract paintings at the end of the summer?  Christmas presents anyone? Something to build a fort with?  I could paint over them and make big signs for various occasions.  We shall see.
  2. Ten more sleeves to Stelmos’ today.  They sell fairly steadily.  I am going to try to get a supply set aside, so I can concentrate on so other things for a while.
  3. Another huge noisy thunderstorm tonight.  AB and Ali and I were right under it as we took Ali to the train station for a trip home.  It was a little scary.
  4. Chris, Melissa and Michael arrive for a visit tonight.
  5. Pool time with AB today.  Always cool and refreshing.
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