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Train trip from Dc to Rockport MA. Settled at our friend’s house in Rockport.  Very cute little town. Fun dinner. Good! Might be getting a cold. Bad. Exploring tomorrow.  All well.  Very short entry due to extreme tiredness. Advertisements

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Been restless and anxious.  About school, friendship, self worth. I lie to people I should not about my eating.   I tell my counselor it is under control, but I am picturing buying a loaf of bread while I say it.  … Continue reading

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I’m getting close on this organizational thing.  It could really happen this time! The storage area is all cleaned up, several trips to goodwill, and to school have moved out things that don’t need to be here anymore, and I … Continue reading

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Well, things are looking really good to get the Christmas ornaments put away this week. It always gets worse before it gets better.  I had the my sitting/craft room/command and control center pretty much sorted, but now I have to … Continue reading

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I saw someone today who reminded me of “he of whom we do not speak,” and as much as that is very old news, and well over etc, it still pisses me off that he never said goodbye. Loser.  Yeah, … Continue reading

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I’ve knit 4 hats in the last three days.  Back to the circle loom.  I forgot how fast it goes on that. I’ve watched a lot of west wing.  Almost done with season two. I’m either resting  or hiding with … Continue reading

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Being crew leader is not really that difficult, just lots of checking, and the worry, not that I have forgotten to do stuff, but that I have not done things that I didn’t know that I had to do.  I … Continue reading

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