1. I decided to drop the class.  I’m too old for half-hearted teaching, especially when I am excited about the subject and the readings I have already done.  I am going to go through the text myself and use the time I would have spent in class working on lesson plans.
  2. My debate is about writing either the instructor and or the college to complain.  It’s not just me, think of the children, and by that I mean the chuckleheads in class who were excited about the easy A and coming late and leaving early.  I was them once, but I know better now, and when you are paying for a class, there should be an expectation that the teacher will be prepared and that there is some small amount of rigor in the class.
  3. I’ve worked very hard this past weekend on my large room, going through old papers, sorting all my craft supplies, putting things away.  The job isn’t done, but it is coming along nicely.
  4. While working on the above project I was watching season 1 of the West Wing on DVD.  I really like that show, though they are all so prefectly timed in their brilliant and morally straight comebacks that it is not realistic.  We all know that in real life, you never think of what to say until much later.  Alone. In front of the mirror.
  5. July 4th saw the brilliant execution of a 7:30 departure, down to the Virginia side of the river on bus and metro, return after the fireworks maneuver, that really went flawlessly, except for the rain and the evil cloud of thick smoke that obscured the view.  You could tell that the crowd was really trying to make the best of it, but their disappointment was palpable.  I appreciated what I saw, and used my imagination for what I couldn’t.  It will be interesting to try this plan in good weather to a)see if the crowds are as light before and after, and to actually see the fireworks.  Since the fireworks were obscured, that means my favorite moment was sitting with Paul reading our books while we were waiting.  I had The Tipping Point and Paul had a weighty tome about Martin Luther King Jr.  It was a nice place to sit and read a book.  There were cheetos, strawberry shortcake and ice cream for snacks.
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