1. Monday I joined the summer workout group.  It is run by the same company who runs the school year workout, but the owner of the company comes out personally to kick our asses.  He is a friend of mind, but “mercy is for the weak, sir!”, so he gives no quarter.  I am, how do you say, sore.
  2. We have two pet guests here.  Liza is one of those tiny snuffly dogs with a lot of hair and spindly legs. She is very friendly and snoozing on the sofa right now.  Simon is a very skinny, very long white cat, who has many medical needs, and keep meowing as if I am doing something wrong.  I probably am, but he has at least toned down the hissing, now that he has been here 24 hours.  He likes being hand fed,  long walks on the beach, and everyone getting out of his way.  He has selected under the chair as his hiding place.  Kevin and Violet have been assigned to the penthouse upstairs, where they are enjoying my newly cleaned room.  Kevin seemed a bit put out yesterday to be kept from his usual daytime nap chair, and would occasionally look at me as if to say, “Could you keep it down please?”
  3. Chris and Melissa and I went to see the Air Force Memorial last night, and even though form a distance I haven’t been liking it, up close it was pretty cool.
  4. Right before school let out I saw this reusable starbucks cup and I bought it and really like it.  I have never seen one on the shelf since and today the guy at the store told me he gets several calls a day asking for them.  He says I am the only one who brings one in.  Is it oissible they only made two, the one I saw and didn’t buy and then the one I did?  Well.  upon some ebay research, it seems (consider the source, a motivated seller) that store only got 2 or 3 and they are not making them any more.  There seems to be a little bidding excitement around the old cold cup.
  5. Next week I am the Altar Guild Crew leader.  I am reviewing my manual.  Yes, there is a manual.
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