1. I saw someone today who reminded me of “he of whom we do not speak,” and as much as that is very old news, and well over etc, it still pisses me off that he never said goodbye. Loser.  Yeah, I just spent about 20 minutes googling, trying to figure out who he married, and if the scrap of information I found in a wedding registry is him, I just have to say dude, that is some damn ugly china.  Now go away, and never enter my thoughts again. 
  2. Chris and Michael reappeared in town and we went to the Washington Monument together.  I haven’t been up there since I was a kid.  Great view of course.  What is really interesting to me, from the air, is the same thing I have been noticing on the ground that Arlington is full of trees, and has very little high rise action.  Just in three spots really.  You can have a lot of views that are just tree tops.  I like that.
  3. Like it would have killed you just to say goodbye?  That hurt.
  4. Pennie and I went to the signature theater tonight and heard a guitarist and this woman, who was funny and interesting.  It was sort of a poetry, lyrical essay kind of thing.  I liked being there, at a live performance.  I might get season tickets for the theater.  It is neat to have it in walking distance, and I always enjoy going to performances, but I forget about that until I am at one, so consequently, I don’t go very often.
  5. There was all sorts of running in the workout yesterday.  Horrible.  I hate running.
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