1. Been restless and anxious.  About school, friendship, self worth. I lie to people I should not about my eating.   I tell my counselor it is under control, but I am picturing buying a loaf of bread while I say it.  I think she knows.
  2. School is coming. Spent some time in the classroom.  At least 5 days hard work needed, I estimate, to get things tidy and in order.  Another 3 to 5 to plan the general outline and first quarter for the new class.  That time will pay off.  I’ll do it on my return I tell myself, but worry I won’t want to.
  3. Mommy and I leave today (I can’t sleep right now) for a junket to MA.  Will See our friend Karin and AT.  One in Rockport, the other Amherst.  WIll admire scenery and eat in diners along the way.  This is her 70th birthday present.  I am taking the computer with me to work on the train, perhaps also to write some emails I don’t want to write: about the bad sociology course, about an issue at church that I don’t have to get into, but feel I ought, on principal, (generally my downfall.)
  4. I bought a camera today.  It is awesome, but I’m having a heart attack over the price.  I hope it is the last camera I will ever buy.
  5. I am up very late and Violet the kitten is extremely confused.  She is used to being in bed by now.
  6. In spite of these worries, I am quite aware that life is very good. 
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  1. RomeLover says:

    If you substitute ‘work’ for ‘school’ and a bunch more days to get organized (because I’m so much deeper in the hole), I totally understand where you are.

    I shall keep you in my prayers.

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