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The end of the week, and I am tired, and not prepared for Tuesday!  Can’t sleep.  Just like every year. This sociology class is definately a stumbling block.  I am scrambling, or maybe I am not scrambling enough.  I’m not … Continue reading

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I forgot how tiring work is.  That’s a bummer.  Things have been going well.  I am viewed as something of a freak for having such a tidy room and a giant calendar showing the whole room.  Well, once the children … Continue reading

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I have to go to back to work tomorrow?  Are you kidding me?  It all seemed so quiet and idyllic until about 3 hours ago when I realized I had to go back to work. I’m actually not dreading it, … Continue reading

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This morning I caught a glimpse of the paper and it showed a flag covered coffin, with the headline, “Beloved Public Safety Official Mourned” and I instantly thought: “McGruff the Crime Dog is dead?”  Seriously, I’m going to hell. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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So you know how you always see those signs saying don’t put the brown paper towels in the toilet, and you sort of assume that if you don’t see that sign, and it is some sort of tissue emergency, maybe … Continue reading

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I’m on some sort of food bender. Insanity.  I want to stop.  Will I? I was bugged by all the press, but now I must say, I’m all aboard the Michael Phelps train.  Go brother.  Swim that pool. Oh, and … Continue reading

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I wish my tv had the closed captioning. Another block of time at school this am.  Yesterday I came home from this very blue about the task and life in general.  Today, again, I was very drained.  I thought I was done … Continue reading

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