1. Good trip.  Tough taking that overnight train.  Hard to sleep.  I am still catching up.
  2. Went to the County Fair this evening.  It has been a few years since I went.  Lots of action on the midway.  Paul and I met his family there.  Fun going to the fair with two little kids.
  3. Saw several students, and one of my teacher friends.
  4. I am beginning to have the “back to school anxiety dreams.”  I need to spend some time with my calendars and books and start making my lists.  I put it all out of my mind last week on the trip, but the end of summer, she is near.
  5. I’ve got an appointment to look at new blinds tomorrow.  I’m thinking of going for the retro roller shades.  I’ll be the coolest kids in town.  When I told her my mom said, “Oh no!  Not those kind with the crochted ring that hangs down!”  “I’m paying extra for that ring!”  I responded!
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