1. I wish my tv had the closed captioning.
  2. Another block of time at school this am.  Yesterday I came home from this very blue about the task and life in general.  Today, again, I was very drained.  I thought I was done with the main sort and put away of Geography and Ancient Civ, but then right before I left I found another box! Boo.  So I am going to try to add some rewards to this project, so I won’t despair and in despairing fail to get the job done.  So tomorrow, I am going to see the Batman movie after my morning work.
  3. Yesterday Ali and I went to the Nationals game.  We got the 5 dollar tickets.  You can get them only the day of the game, and even though we went very early, judging by the  number of open seats in that section, you could come right at the last and still get in.  It was T-shirt Tuesday and the shirt featured Teddy, everyone’s favorite, number 26 in your program but number one in your heart.  Here is the recap of the race.  I met the guy who does the website before the game, which was great.  I was such a nerd.  I gave Teddy the double high five and told him it was his night.  I even wore my shirt today.  What a goof. I cannot explain my love for the Racing Presidents.  They are just so giant and goofy.  The Nationals, frankly, don’t really do a great job boosting them.  The pregame rally was cheering for the Nationals, not teddy, as it should have been.  Also they could do fun little bio’s or tidbits of history. And when is Teddy going to run the race carrying a big stick?   I ask you!  I think I need tog et a job writing material for the Racing presidents.  I had a really good idea for a bit today, but now I’ve forgotten it.
  4. Oh, and Screech?  You can just go away.
  5. Chris is off to Afghanistan for the Predeployment Site Survey, where they go check out what is going on and meet the fellas they’ll be replacing.  That war can end anytime now, know what I am saying?
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  1. It was nice meeting you too. I agree the Nats could do more. Wondering if we’ll see some olympic angle during this homestand.

    PS You were lucky to get the $5 tickets. They sold out an hour before the game.

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