1. So you know how you always see those signs saying don’t put the brown paper towels in the toilet, and you sort of assume that if you don’t see that sign, and it is some sort of tissue emergency, maybe that place has mastered the brown towel flushing, so you fling it in, but it really hesitates on the way down, and then the water all starts moving the other way, but you wonder how could that be, it wasn’t really down there so it couldn’t get stuck, is it simply the presence that causes the problem, and then there is water on the floor, so you flee, but you have to go tell the custodians anyway, because they know you are the only one there, so you’d be busted anyway?  Yeah, I might have had that experience today.
  2. I’m feeling a rush of crafting, nosing around in my bins, “oh there is that cute coffee applique project!” “Hey, there are all those quilt pieces I cut out, Let me sew them together!”  It’s a week before school starts and I am scrambling to start new projects like my life depends on it.  An avoidance tactic I am sure.  I’d like to set aside some sort of specific time to work on things, and write, etc.  I’m writing at Starbucks right now and I like it, I seem to get a lot done in public settings, without all my other projects around (Oh look!  Cards, I could make Christmas cards!)
  3. I wish I had some sort of Chris is in Afghanistan ticker, so I remember it all the time, or not so much remember it but have it in the front of my mind, so as to be able to “pray constantly without ceasing.”  Of course, I think I should have been doing that all along, we are at war for goodness sake, and we just motor though our daily lives.  Where is my victory garden?  Where is my scrap drive?  How about a blackout drill, just for principle’s sake.  Perhaps I should focus my crafting for “our boys” (and girls.)  Socks are out.  That would amount to about one sock a year.   I plan to make ill fitting helmet liners for Chris and Richard, but they will probably serve better as some sort of ammo cozy, and making two will tax all my knitting skillz and I may or may not get them done before they arrive back home, let alone before they leave.  Sadly I don’t think the army has a use for coffee sleeves, because those, I can crank out.
  4. Speaking of army coffee sleeves, I don’t ever buy cammo fabric.  I would never wear anything camoflauge either.  I feel that fabric serves a specfic purpose and it should only be worn by those who serve.  I think it a rare occasion that your latte would come under heavy fire.
  5. We are getting laptops at school this year, and since I was around they gave me mine to set up and see if there are any glitches in setting it up that might throw those among our staff that have only just recently given up their stone tablet and chisel.  No problems with the dock (or “port replicator” as they told me it was called.  The only drawback was the cord in between the two speakers was not quite long enough that I could run the cord under the desk, through those little holes that serve just that purpose.  I’ll be shopping for an extension, believe me.  I likes me some tidy cords.  I even labeled the plugs under the desk so I would know what goes with what.  Freak.
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  1. crazytobeme says:

    Um. #1. What were you thinking? Emphasis where ever appropriate in that question…

    and, oh ya, teehee! snort.

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