1. The end of the week, and I am tired, and not prepared for Tuesday!  Can’t sleep.  Just like every year.
  2. This sociology class is definately a stumbling block.  I am scrambling, or maybe I am not scrambling enough.  I’m not totally freaking out yet, but that is right around the corner.
  3. Thought Obama’s speech was great.  I find him a compelling speaker and am inspired by his ideals.  He gives me…(wait for it)…hope.
  4. I would like for him to make the same promise that McCain did.  He said his first act would be to write an executive order banning torture.  If Obama wins, he should do the same.  He should say to McCain, no matter who signs it, the other one should be there by him to watch.  Watch Return with Honor.  McCain and those men are the example of torture not working.  He didn’t accept early release.  They all resisted and gave little real information.  Why would we think that other men, dedicated to their cause, even if we know that cause to be wrong, act differently.  We should claim the moral high ground on this one and never give it up.
  5. That aside.  McCain, your VP pick?  This is what we call pandering.
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  1. El, I was inspired as well by Obama. There was something very spiritual about his ending, and I was very excited. I’m with you too on the torture pledge. Finally, I’m happy to hear you see through the choice to the pandering by McCain. If he gets elected and croaks??? And if he lives, can he really expect a 2nd term, or leave it to Sarah Palin as his heir apparent? Good grief! I’m not a hater, but me thinks it borders on the ludicrous.

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