1. My initial impression of this group of 8th graders is pretty good.  They seem cheery.
  2. The juniors and seniors are another matter.  They were staring alot.  The class is huge.  I tried to be scary to get some to drop, but I’m just not that scary.
  3. I try to get things done, but at school or at home, there are all these little tiny steps.  Literally.  Try to label notebook, oops, need scissors, back to the desk.  Need some cardstock over to the paper trays, there’s a piece of paper on the floor, pick that up, now I need to go to the bathroom, come back from that and now I am thirsty, go fill the water bottle, and so on and so one.  Same at home.  Trying to write a few letters to three trips to the living room and one upstairs!
  4. Left the house at 6:15am, got home at 6:45 pm.  That’s not going to happen everyday, believe me!
  5. Can’t really think.  Brain overloaded.
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  1. Regarding the nature of JP that can overcome us and send us into wild and interesting meanderings all over God’s half acre, my question is: Do you realize when you’re doing it, and are you talking to yourself about it? I do. All the time. I most definitely had one of those “doing much without accomplishing anything” type days today. But I think we’ll both be fine.

  2. Ooops, is it JP or Jeffy who wanders around all over the place in “Family Circle”?

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