1. My poor sweet Kevin.  He had a trip to the vet today, and now he is home with a cone on his head.  I picked up a tranquilizer from the vet, and Paul gave it to Kevin this morning.  I came home and picked him up and he was very groggy, so I had high hopes he would not become a howling beast at the vet, and indeed, he did hold off until he got onto the table. (Normally he starts freaking the moment we walk in the door.  He must have gotten fired up with adrenaline, because he started to yowl and hiss.  We went to our back up plan, which was that they would give him a general anesthesia.  I left him there, and went back to school.  Well, not right back. I already had a sub in the room, so I went and had a cup o joe, to try and calm down. (I needed a tranquilizer too.)  The vet called later, and while he had the hood up, he did it all: removed the small lump on his front leg, cleaned his teeth, took blood, gave him all his shots.  He even sewed up the place on his leg with the stitches on the inside, so thy will just dissolve and I won’t have to bring him back.  But, so he won’t lick the site, Poor Kev has the cone.  He is wandering around now, still pretty drugged, trying to find a good way to sleep.
  2. My poor boy!
  3. I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and I am starting to have party anxiety.
  4. Nice pile of grading waiting for me.  Blah.
  5. Had dinner with AB, who always makes things better.  Thank goodness my friends put up with me.
  6. Coney is sleeping on the ottoman beside me.  Violet is totally freaked out by the cone, and doesn’t know what to do.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    This is what Mulligan does with a cone on him: backs up into the smallest place possible (perhaps to anchor himself) and begins whipping his head back and forth as furiously as he can. He looks as absolutely pathetic as an animal can. The cone doesn’t last very long. Whereupon the puppy picks it up by the edge and tries to carry it around…knocking into furniture and walls.

    We try to avoid cones in our household.

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