1. On the mend, but still in the cone.  Doesn’t He look like Little Lord Fauntleroy with that bow?
  2. There’s a thin line between barely organized and total chaos.  Welcome to my world.
  3. The Wedding in Kentucky was lots of fun.  The reception was in a tobacco barn.  I had some hilbilly bare feet, because I got a blister from my new shoes right away.
  4. Get this!  The bartender and car parkers had aprons with the Episcopal Shield on them.  So I went and made small talk, and it turns out that they are doing a capital campaign, and one of their fundraisers is hiring themselves out at parties.  Awesome!  I smell a motion at the next vestry meeting!
  5. We stayed on a 100 acre horse farm and made friends with 5 horses and a dog named cricket.  Also I ate a cinnamon bun as big as my head.  Ok, a slight exaggeration, but it was close.
  6. The drive through West Virginia was really beautiful.  And the little car that just won’t die cranked out over 1000 miles!
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