1. I don’t feel like writing lately
  2. You follow different threads, not knowing where they lead and find some amazing stories.  Somehow I found a site by a woman who’s sister was in a terrible plane accident.  She has been in a chemically induced coma since August while she recovers from her burns.  The woman who was injured was a popular blogger.  She has all these beautiful pictures of her perfect family, and it is really sad what has happened to her and her husband, who was also in the crash.  At the same time, this family is really inspiring, the sisters have taken the children, they all take turns visiting and they have an incredibly strong faith.  Both women have such great pictures too.  They seem to be able to have these perfect parties for their children, and all the colors are pretty clear red and browns, and it make me think of thick pottery, fresh bread and new milk.  Very simple and pretty.
  3. I’ll never get it right.  Never have all the balls successfully juggling in the air.  Can I accept that?
  4. We don’t get our usual columbus day holiday tomorrow.  We get January 2nd, which is a friday, in exchange.  While I know i’ll be greatful in january 2nd, I’m bitter now of course.  Why couldn’t they just throw us a bone?
  5. I’m not keeping up with my chores and lists.
  6. My email is a nightmare.
  7. AAAAnnd all that is why I don’t feel like writing.
  8. But yet my life is good.  Confusing.  I’m not depressed.  Just a little blue, and indulging myself doing what I want rather than what I ought.
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