1. I’m at AB’s house watching the debate.  She’s got some sweet wireless internet happening.
  2. Stop talking about Joe the Plumber!
  3. Days are busy but good.  Schools pace is very fast.  I think being more organized I actually notice how busy  things are, because at any break point, I have a list to work on, as opposed to not knowing what I should be doing and checking Cute Overload instead.
  4. Today was a momentous occasion.  I had my last counseling appointment.  She has helped me through some rough times, but I have finally broken her spirit and she is moving.  Just kidding, I didn’t really break her spirit, I don’t think.  Hmm, maybe I did.  I certainly did talk about myself alot.  Anywho, She is awesome and even though I gain an hour on Wednesday afternoons, I’ll miss her.  Salute!
  5. Obama wins the tie contest, but why did they both wear stripes?
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