1. So Donor’s Choose is a neat organization for teachers to list projects for which they need funding and the public can help them out.  I don’t need anything for my class, but there are many teachers who are not as lucky as I am, so I threw down some cash.  It’s a Friday night.  I’m feeling flush.
  2. Right after I donated to the Obama campaign.  Hope.  I has it.
  3. So take that slumping markets.  Look at how I am slinging money around!
  4. And now I am poor again.  But it was pretty exciting living the high life for a few minutes there.
  5. I found the Donor’s Choose link on this blog, where my favorite former Television without Pity Writer now blogs and thank goodness she still talks about my stories, becuase I miss her turn of phrase in the Survior and Amazing Race recaps.
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  1. Melissa says:

    So will you share with us which type of school program (what subject), and/or what grade level and/or which City & State you donated to? How did you make you selection?I have my eyes on a high school band in Philadelphia that needs supplies for the music library.

  2. Eleanor says:

    I think it was a place in NYC. They needed writing supplies. You should go for it. But check your bank balance first! I think I am going to be overextended this month. I’m such an idiot!

  3. Melissa says:

    Yes, I did check my bank balance and decided to hold off until after Christmas. I, too, am a bit overextended this month! The school that I would like to support has its request up until February, so I’m hopeful I can contribute after the first of the year.

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