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Thanksgiving day was panic trip to church, thinking I might be serving.  Then leisurely trip home when it turned out I was not.  Coffee and watching a little of the old Battlestar Gallactica (not yet sure I want to commit … Continue reading

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Had lunch with the previous easter president and another previous president yesterday.  She handed over 3 ginormous binders full of stuff, which will definitely be helpful and certainly interesting to read through.  But of course the whole concept is a … Continue reading

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Day school meeting last night.  Budget cuts I don’t like.  And there is talk on the vestry about cutting a scholarship. This kept me tossing and turning last night. And I guess we won’t be playing secret word at the … Continue reading

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I am not entirely competent.  I needed to go to another school to get some extra sociology textbooks, and I went to the wrong school. Of course, I am always about the thrill of the vestry budget meetings, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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A little preliminary Christmas shopping last night.  Fun to think about the coming holidays, and thinking about presents a little earlier helps me think of some ideas for people ‘cough’ daddy ‘cough’ who are hard to shop for. I’ve got  … Continue reading

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I resolved that I should drink water today.  “If nothing else about my eating is under control,” I reflected, “At the very least I can drink my water.”   When I got to school, I relized I had forgotten my   water … Continue reading

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My joy at a day off today is quite unseemly.  I really must discover some sort of fortune and be able to stop working and run my little coffee shop for a few hours a day, and spend the rest … Continue reading

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