1. For those of you who question my devotion to Teddy, I’d like to point out that he ran the Marine Corps Marathon!  Yeah for teddy!
  2. Because of meetings and sickness I missed three workouts, and we have another of the scary workout challenges this coming Tuesday.  Ouch.  I did have a bit of a break through moment with the jump rope.  The math teacher who is working out with us can do the one jump, rope goes all the way around thing, whereas I am a double bouncer or worse still a two foot jumper.  He pointed out that the rope goes “Thwack” on the ground right before you need to be in the air, so I should think “Thwack-jump” or maybe even “Thwack-land.”  That was very helpful and I actually got a few series of 10 single jump turns.  Then of course I started thinking too much and lost it.  But there is hope.
  3. I’ve been watching Heroes, and it is pretty awesome.  I too would like to have special powers and be a hero.  There is, however, apparently the possibility that I would use my powers for evil.  this is, of course, something I would like to avoid.
  4. I have not yet decided what my superpower would be.  Something involving a crafting power would be good.  Or to fly.
  5. The flying would be really nice as the car is overheating.  Between the car and the cat I am spending alot on repairs of late.
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4 Responses to

  1. margaret says:

    Hey – I ran with Teddy for little while around mile three!! Did he run the whole thing? (with his head on???)

  2. Melissa says:

    I would have to go with “being invisible” as my super power. I think you could learn some really fun stuff if no one knew you were there!

  3. Eleanor says:

    He did run the whole thing! Took over 6 hours!

  4. Anne says:

    You’re MY hero!!! And frankly, I consider more than half of the craft stuff you do to be super powers because there’s no way in hell I could ever do any of them…

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