1. You got to VOTE VOTE VOTE like a baby stoat!!
  2. I voted!  Got there at about 5:30 and was about 50th in line.  The doors opened at 6 and I was out by 6:20.  I did a paper ballot too!  They had about 10 electronic machines and 4 paper ballot stations, and one of those was free so I did it.  I am all about the paper ballots, mayn.  I think it is a good move to go to those.  You could fit 30 paper stations, maybe more in the place of those 10 electronic machines.  You feed it, yourself, into a big reader.  So the count is quick and you have a paper trail.  I was also really pleased to see was that they had electronic check in.  Now that makes sense!  No more big book, where you have to get in line by alphabet.  If you have electronic check in and paper balloting, I think that will pick up the speed substantially.
  3. Put the car in the shop, so I took the bus to school today.  Timing was great, only had to wait about 15 minutes for the bus, and the stop was right outside the polling place.
  4. Teacher workday today.  Almost done with my grades so I can spend most of the day working on planning.  Sociology and Ancient Civ need lots of attention.
  5. AB talked me into going to a Marker’s Mark happy hour last night.  I just have to say that bourbon is poison.  I didn’t have that much, but I could actually feel it trying to crush my synapses (and subsequently, my potential superpowers.) Poison I tell you! 
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  1. Anne says:

    Okay, two things: what the hell is a “baby stoat”? And only some bourbons are poison (usually the bottom shelf variety) but the good stuff is how you know God loves us. Besides, most people only think they have super powers after drinking too much bourbon.

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