1. What a night last night.  I’m exhausted!
  2. What a day today.  A new day.  I was so touched seeing people crying and praying with joy as Obama spoke.  I cried myself.  I know he is not perfect, I know the road will not be easy, but I truly believe he is the right man at the right time.
  3. I though John McCain made a eloquent and gracious concession speech.  In the first in a series of what I am sure will be called “Letters from a Crazy Lady to the President” I want to ask President Elect Obama to truly Honor John McCain’s service by making his (Obama’s) first executive order the same as John McCain said his would be:  The banning of torture.  And he should have McCain right beside him as it is signed.
  4. I loved seeing people in Kenya running through the streets waving the American Flag.
  5. So beside peace love and democracy you know why I love America?  Because they (specifically the Army) recognized the genius of the Big Bro and are going to promote him to colonel.  Hooray!
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  1. Your Mom told me about big bro’s promotion. I’m so happy for him and them. I also wonder if Obama would consider McCain for his Secretary of State. It could be an interesting pick as part of the reaching across the aisle. It is a new day, and while the way will be long and hard, it will also be enlightening and inspiring. I would have loved to be in Kenya yesterday.

  2. BastogneBulldog says:

    I saw your bro’s name in the Army Times two days ago. That was very cool indeed! As to the election, I really hope the President-Elect does well.

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