1. I’m grumpy.
  2. The children are ON my last nerve.  I’ve been sounding just like my mother the last few days.  “I am not just talking to hear myself talk, the things I am saying are important and you need to listen!”  Pitiful.
  3. Chaperoned a dance Friday night.  Saucy boys from another school kept giving me lip when I asked them to back up on off my girls.  I do not like myself very much at those dances.  I’m dropping too a commitment of two next year instead of three.
  4. Auction at the church Saturday night.  Very tiring but fun.  It would have been more fun if I ad had money to spend, but I spent it all (besides the cat and the car and my political investments) on donating items.  So I didn’t even get a number.  Because I?  Am broke.
  5. So why did the health insurance company send me money?  I do not know, and of course I want to deposit it, but I don’t think it is really mine….
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4 Responses to

  1. Chrissie's bruddah says:

    Deposit it! You can always write ’em a check if they turn out to have made an error.

  2. crazytobeme says:

    Ya, as long as you don’t spend it! 🙂

  3. RomeLover says:

    Ignore my brother…he’s an economist (even teaches the subject!!) and you know how they are!

  4. BastogneBulldog says:

    I agree, deposit it in an interest bearing account and see what happens.

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