1. I resolved that I should drink water today.  “If nothing else about my eating is under control,” I reflected, “At the very least I can drink my water.”   When I got to school, I relized I had forgotten my   water bottle.  I found a venti starbucks cup and filled that.  As I placed it by the computer I thought: “Now be careful with that.  You’ve got to watch out with water and this new laptop.”  Approximately 1 hour later, wanting to keep up with the water drinking, I picked up the cup.  As I lifted it over the top of the laptop, the bottom of the cup hit the edge.  The drink titled forward and sloshed onto the keyboard.  Less that a 1/2 cup, but more than the teaspoon I would later describe.  I quickly picked up the computer, flipped it over to prevent the water from sinking further inside, dried it with napkins.  Just a little water.  No problem.    But two hours later that son of a bitch coughed up the blue screen of death and died.
  2. So I have now, in the course of my school career, killed three laptops (two with water, one just because)  Fortunately, I am at a school that doesn’t know my history.  They think this is the first time.  Of course they will be making an example out of me.  She says she won’t use my name, but it will get out.  It always does. She was very nice about the whole thing.  In my defense, I do normally use a water bottle that is capped, and of course, shouldn’t these things be tougher?  But I know this is all hollow excuses.  I am idiot.
  3. And of course, I had a bunch of stuff on the drive.  Not my 3 vital class files, but stuff I know I’ll miss.
  4. It’s very sad, because I am considered to be somewhat of a computer whiz at school.  Oh the shame.  They handed a new one right over.  Fools.
  5. This and other stumbles make me think the wheels are coming off the Eleanor wagon.
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5 Responses to

  1. RomeLover says:

    I almost snorted MY water all over my keyboard. Hey, then you could’ve killed TWO computers…or at least a keyboard.

  2. Melissa says:

    I say again, what the heck are you doing teaching school? I believe it is clear …. you should be writing for “30 Rock”!!!

  3. BastogneBulldog says:

    What’s a computer here and there anyway? BTW, what is “30 Rock”?

  4. Eleanor says:

    It’s a TV show Jim! Tina Fey. VERY funny!

  5. margaret says:

    hehe – you’re not alone : ) I lost a cell phone to a Coke and had to replace the gear shift in my car over Starbucks… it’s a lot funnier in the telling!

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