1. A little preliminary Christmas shopping last night.  Fun to think about the coming holidays, and thinking about presents a little earlier helps me think of some ideas for people ‘cough’ daddy ‘cough’ who are hard to shop for.
  2. I’ve got  ideas about stuff to make, but I neeed to get on that.
  3. Helped mommy and daddy with the annual field artillery party last night.  Then we took away all the red and the cannons, and replaced it with little rubber ducks for the baby shower today.
  4. I need a plumber.  Leaky sink.
  5. This week will be the first five day school week in a while. Three tuesdays ago – sick, two tuesdays ago, the election/teacher workday, last tuesday, veterans day.  next week – wed, thur fri off for Thanksgiving.  So 5 days is a real change!  And it is vestry on Tuesday and School Board on Wednesday! 
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2 Responses to

  1. BastogneBulldog says:

    Did your Dad fire the cannon at the FA party?

  2. Eleanor says:

    Sadly, no. “Fire for effect!”

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