1. I am not entirely competent.  I needed to go to another school to get some extra sociology textbooks, and I went to the wrong school.
  2. Of course, I am always about the thrill of the vestry budget meetings, so I thought I would embellish the proceedings by creating “Vestry Budget Bingo.”  I went to a site where you can generate bingo cards, and put in a bunch of vestry words, like “mission” “youth” “surplus” “pledge” and “Stewardship” and of course the ever popular “Appalachia and Indian Reservation.”  I passed them out and this seemed to entertain some of the folks.  When we had a winner, I promptly handed over a large ceramic chicken that I have had around the house for some time.  That was pretty exciting.  Next time we are going to play “Secret Word”  where I will have secret words or phrases and who ever says them first gets a prize.  Fortunately, I have another ceramic chicken.
  3. I found the ceramic chickens at the yard sale a year ago, and my originial intention was to glue gun them to AB’s front porch, much like the lions at the New York Public Library, but then she went and got a new front porch, and I didn’t want to mess it up.  Also, I kept forgetting.
  4. I’ve been trying to be more cheerful with the children, and have the goal, overall, of bringing joy to those around me.  Very difficult sometimes.  I mean, the ceramic chickens are very joyful I think, but of course I found several opportunities to be contrary at the meeting tonight.  But hey, I gotta be me.  I hope that I am working some sort of principle within myself, not just being contrary for contrary’s sake.
  5. I know I said this last year, but I must again state that daylight savings time is awful and should be abandoned.  No transition period towards the dark.  Terrible.
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5 Responses to

  1. Anne says:

    Wow, if I didn’t love my new front steps so much I would totally love to have had chickens to welcome people to my humble abode…

  2. RomeLover says:

    OK–I think the bingo is a great idea and total fun and if it didn’t go over with everyone, well….that’s not your problem.

  3. RomeLover says:

    (you turned off the comments in your most recent post…but I had to support you somehow!)

  4. same here… I love the bingo/ceramic chicken idea!! You’re awesome!!

  5. BastogneBulldog says:

    Where’s the CHICKEN?

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