1. Day school meeting last night.  Budget cuts I don’t like.  And there is talk on the vestry about cutting a scholarship. This kept me tossing and turning last night.
  2. And I guess we won’t be playing secret word at the next vestry meeting after all.   Because someone complained about the bingo.  Don’t know who.  Wish they had just told me.
  3. I am feeling complicated and unsettled.
  4. But I will say that Paul and Ali and Mommy are great people to have around.  Paul makes me laugh at myself.  Ali is a good personal theologian.  And mommy is so supportive.  Blindly and unconditionally, as a mother should be.  And I ran into AB online, and she is awesome because she always agrees with a big “Hell Yeah!”
  5. I am crew leader this weekend, and while counting communion, I shall endeavor to sit quietly and unobtrusively this weekend like the manual says.  One should try to not to be noticed.  Just quietly sit, clicking my clicky thing.(The counter).  I shall practice this behavior.
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