1. Had lunch with the previous easter president and another previous president yesterday.  She handed over 3 ginormous binders full of stuff, which will definitely be helpful and certainly interesting to read through.  But of course the whole concept is a little scary.  But it was great to talk to them, and I’d like this whole experience to be fun and interesting, rather than scary and stressful, so the lunch set a good tone.
  2. Went to a party for a friend last night.  Haven’t seen her for a while, and she has gone through a painful year, with a divorce.  So frightening to see how quickly things can change, but so impressive to see how resilient people can be.  She had a ton of loving friends there, including some of the former in-laws.  Oh, and awesome food, which of course I had too much of.  Those little sandwiches lay me low every time.
  3. Came home from the Altar guild crew to a lovely surprise.  Beautiful flowers from Melissa.  Nice big sunflowers and yellow roses.  Nice treat!
  4. Getting squared away to head out for a day at church.  Going early to recheck yesterdays checklist.  I do love a checklist.  Seriously I do.  Everything should have one.
  5. The heater on my car seems to be giving up, which is not a treat in this cold weather.  The heater going was the death knell for my other car. (that and the entire electrical system.  It could be a loooong winter.  Come on little car!  Hang in there!
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2 Responses to

  1. RomeLover says:

    yay to coming out to support your football team. woot!

  2. BastogneBulldog says:

    I went a couple of years in the late ’90s without fixing the heater on my old truck. After a while it became sort of a macho thing. I don’t recommend it.

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