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Still cranking out the Christmas Cards.  Hooray for me! Is it insane that to buy sale wrapping paper at IKEA, that I drove out there during rush hour?  Probably.  But I moved pretty efficiently, and even made it back in … Continue reading

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I am about to head over to my parents where we are having a party tonight with the Berry’s to celebrate 30 years of knowing one another. I am very glad of this, but reflective about the idea of friendship, … Continue reading

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We had a really nice Christmas dinner last night.  Church at 5 was also great, where once again my ego vied with my love for the Lord and I swung some crazy smoke as thurifer and thought, “Damn baby, I … Continue reading

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Oh how we struggle through the last days before the break.  The kids are happy and full of energy, and the teachers are just done! I’ve received several charming gifts from the children, my favorite a homemade card and ornament. … Continue reading

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Gingersnap recipe with commentary. They are our absolute family favorite, and the recipe is attributed to my Great Grandaunt Zelta Esther Peace.  Unusual name, no?  I don’t know what was in the water out there in Oklahoma, but the Peace … Continue reading

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Baking gingersnaps tonight for the staff party tomorrow.  Also testing a cheese straw (or rather disc) recipe, for some savory deliciousness.  (Later note, the cookies were a big hit.  I sent out the recipe to the staff with witty commentary, which … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the crazy workout circuit. They keep upping the ante.  100 pushup situp and squats, 25 laps and now 200 jump ropes (it used to be only ropes, then only laps, now we’ve got it all.)  I’m slow like a … Continue reading

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