1. Did I say I was feeling excited about being altar guild president?  Did I say I thought it would be fun?  Did I?  Well that must have been before I started looking through the binders (The three, three inch binders.  A holy trinity of information.)  See, I never thought about things like cleaning off and rebagging the billion plastic candle holders, and other such things.  I’m not cowering under the bed.  Trembling.  And I’m only through the first quarter of the first binder!
  2. One issue that must be solved is that of a desk.  I need to have a place where all these items and my computer are out and handy.  It would be good to be hooked up to the printer all the time too.  Maybe for 6 months the craft table with have to go into retirement.  It’s not like I’ll have time to play around with yarn and Styrofoam balls anyway.  Also, when I sit in the big chair and use the computer, Violet comes and has an extended period of walking on my stomach and kneading, then she lies down on my forearms.  While this is cozy, it make typing a little awkward, and flipping though papers and making notes absolutely out of the question.
  3. Time management will be critical.  There is basically no time to work on things at school.  Even answering emails is challenging.  So everything will need to be done on weekends and in the afternoon and evening.  I’ve got to bring all the organizational pieces together here in the next month, so I don’t go insane.
  4. Speaking of Styrofoam balls and yarn, I am working on my own version of the Starbuck’s Christmas wreath.  I saw it Thanksgiving day when the put out the Christmas decorations and it is very cool.  I wish I would think of things like that.  Very clever.  They also have used sweaters (or sweater fabric) to cover the bottoms of the tables and that made me think that it would be great to make a felted sweater tree skirt, but when I stopped by Goodwill yesterday afternoon, they didn’t have any red wool sweaters available.
  5. I am going too fast in classes.  I am rushing them through stuff, and they aren’t all getting it, and not really connecting with the material.  Must slow down.  Must have more fun.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    I’m gonna support you on that last comment. In all things!

  2. inhale…….. exhale……

  3. Two Things to remember: 1) The Guild is a Big TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More), and 2) when AG Angels come and offer to do things you thought you yourself should do, you say “Yes. Please. And Thank You!”. [Then listen for the bell to ring…. “That’s right! That’s right! Attaboy, Clarence!”] tee hee

  4. Melissa says:

    When ever I volunteer for what I know is going to be a long-term, very challenging job/assignment, I always try to picture myself at the end of the assignment, knowing how great I’m going to feel for a job well done, and the wonderful sense of accomplishment I want to have. Be the ball……and see yourself happy, proud, and taking the day off from school so you can sleep in on April 13, 2009!

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