1. Just watching Charlie Brown Christmas, and the part where Lucy is chewing people out and Snoopy is behind her making fun, always makes me think of Chris because he will do the Snoopy part.  If I (or mommy, or melissa) are going on, he will put his hand on his hip and shake his finger and pretend to be us,  just like snoopy.  I love it when he does that.
  2. Dear Santa, I would like an electric blanket and more energy and focus in the evenings.
  3. Is this the amount of time that passes after which everyone who has been in counseling calls their old counselor and says, ok, you can come back now?
  4. Maybe it is the winter and the dark.  I wake up way to early, and I want to go to bed way to early.  My lists are not getting done!
  5. If I could write as well as this at age 82, I would be quite happy.
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